London Alternative City Tour

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Away from the shiny sites that you find on souvenirs and postcards, join us in the London where street art represents the voice of the people, where gentrification battles the anti-establishment, and where London’s rebellious streak was born and still lives. This is the Real East End.

While other tours here just scratch the surface by skipping over the street art, we’ll put that street art into context, giving you an insight into what was happening in the world when it was created. Yet while the street art is the most visible aspect of this area, to really understand the East End you have to go further.


*Average tour length. The independent guides with whom we work have your best interests in mind; while the tour usually includes the sites and stories above and lasts this long, your tour may vary depending on what your guide thinks is best for your group!

From GBP 14

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This 2.5-hour* walking tour covers:

  • Old Spitalfields and Petticoat Lane markets 
  • The Shoreditch art scene 
  • Brick Lane 
  • The immigrant generations
  • Cockney culture 
  • Gangsters and the criminal underworld 
  • Radical thinkers and social reformers
  • Whitechapel 
  • The foundry that produced Big Ben and the Liberty Bell 
  • The battle of Cable Street

... and much more!


  1. Liverpool Street Station